I offer sessions face to face and online for individuals and couples.

Home visits and walking therapy are also available on request.



Counselling for Individuals

Individual counselling for adults


Sessions at £50

Counselling for Couples

Relationship counselling where you and your partner will come to counselling together

Sessions at £65

Keyboard and Mouse

Online Counselling

Face to face through your laptop, tablet or phone.


For individuals or couples.

Sessions at £50 / £65

Tree Lined Park

Walking Therapy

Counselling in a local open space for individuals who find this environment more comfortable to talk

Sessions at £50


Individual Counselling for adults and young people.

Sessions are available weekdays and evenings and cost £50 per session and last 50 minutes. In one to one sessions, you'll find the safe space required to solve problems and improve the way you think and feel.

We can discuss your counselling needs and any concerns by phone, email or text before starting if this will help.

 - Most of my clients see a positive change in 8-10 sessions.

 - There is no minimum or maximum time for you to be in counselling and you may conclude your counselling at any time.

Couples Counselling.

Sessions are available weekdays and evenings and cost £65 per session and last 60 minutes.

My focus will be on working with you both to understand where the difficulties are arising in the relationship. I will ensure both of you are given the chance to express yourselves about the issues and I will support you to heal and improve your relationship. You will be able to take forward what you learn about yourselves and your relationship during counselling as positive practical and emotional changes for the future. We will work together to improve the understanding & communicating of your needs as individuals and how you can return your relationship back to being a wonderful experience in both your lives.


Some sessions will be with you as a couple and some will be with you individually during couples counselling.

I can discuss couples counselling with one or both of you before starting, to talk through any concerns. This can be done by email or by phone to look at how couples counselling can help you.

Even if you are resolved to separating, I recognise you may wish to improve or repair your post break up relationship for ongoing contact around childcare and couples counselling can help you achieve this.

I have undertaken additional training in working with couples. 

If your partner does not want to come to counselling with you, we can still work together on your relationship issues within individual counselling.


Online or Telephone Counselling.

Sessions are available weekdays and evenings and cost £50 per individual session and last 50 minutes and cost £65 per couples session which last 60 minutes.

Online sessions are a way for you to see me face to face from your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone during therapy. It is as equally effective as traditional face to face counselling with the convenience of you not having to leave your home if you have a suitable personal space. By talking online, you hear the tone of voice which is a way to convey empathy and with video, you see the non-verbal communications such as facial expressions, just as in a counselling room.

We will meet using a safe platform called Zoom. I will email you 15-20 minutes before each session and the email contains a unique link to our private online session. If you have not used Zoom before, the email contains a link to a 10 second download so that you can use Zoom. You don't need any technical ability to use online counselling and I will support you all the way and we can try a trial run to make sure you are comfortable with connecting if you feel this would help.

You won't need to store any information or emails in support of your privacy. I am trained to work with clients online and by telephone.


Walking Therapy.

Sessions are available weekdays and weekends and cost £50 per session and last 50 minutes and we will meet at an agreed entrance to the park or fields.

I understand how sometimes you feel being in the company of others can be overwhelmingly difficult and you may feel too uncomfortable even to sit with someone who wants to support you. Sometimes even eye contact feels hard. You may be feeling tense at the thought of coming to a counselling room. 

To support your positive change in an environment in which you are enabled to thrive, we can arrange a session or sessions where we can walk alongside each other in the public spaces of Bute Park or Llandaff Fields.


Walking Therapy will be on flat paths and we may sit on a bench during the walk. You will be responsible for ensuring you can walk for up to 50 minutes and wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather. You may wish to consult your GP in advance if unsure of managing this walk. Sessions will be dependent upon weather but we will talk about this together before starting.

Before beginning Walking Therapy we will need one indoor session first to agree how the walks will be managed if for instance what we would say if we came across someone we know. This will help manage in advance any worries you may have over Walking Therapy. We can discuss any other concerns by email or by phone at a time convenient to you before starting.

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